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Import Courier

Perfect Worldwide Courier provides a time definite service, with a commitment to make your samples available on time, every time from global locations. What more! We commit, no unwanted shipments would be travelling on your account number.

We provide door-to-door service where shipments are picked up from oversees supplier and delivered at your door step.

Perfect Worldwide Courier ascertains the collections of your shipment from all across the world to your location even quicker and easier. Perfect believes in Speed, transparency, flexibility and commitment to manage the cost within your budget.

Perfect offers deliveries within 3-4 working days for Inbound Courier from all parts of Europe to India.

We are also specialized in both Import from far-east countries specifically from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Assured 1-2 day delivery from Hong Kong & 0+3 days transit time from China, Taiwan in Courier mode.

Pick up on Saturday’s also in Hong Kong.(Normally all above mentioned countries are closed on Saturday’s).

pick up request for your Import courier Shipments, you can directly send mail to &

Shipper can do move directly parcels from Hong Kong & China on your A/C.

Same day custom clearance at

Import certificate (ic) same day custom Clarence

High value shipment regular bill of entry same day custom Clarence

Without your instruction would not pay duty or document put up into custom

Regular 4pm or 4.30pm we will cordi-net with you for custom clearance

Regular 4pm or 4.30pm will sent you import load details

For import certificate same day will provide you document awb copy, invoice, and bill of entry with noting number before 10 am